About Us

Mhamanga.net is a site that presents various things about Japanese manga. This site presents some manga recommendations. MHA manga reviews, Mha manga news, and unique info about manga things. This site is suitable for manga lovers who want to find some manga recommendations and other noteworthy information about Mha manga.

Mhamanga was established at the end of September 2021. Until now, this site is still active and will continue to provide unique manga facts and manga recommendations.

Mhamanga’s writing style is changing more and more as time goes by. This is because Mhamanga is still in the development stage so that in the future. This site can provide information clearly and can satisfy manga lovers.

In addition to changing writing styles, this site sometimes changes themes and concepts in order to provide the best service for Mha manga lovers. For the sake of the progress of the site. We are willing to accept all feedback and criticism by contacting us via the contact us form.