Manga Or Anime Which Is Better?

Every day we indulge ourselves in watching or reading about our favorite manga or anime Japanese fictional characters. There are a lot of mediums giving us access when digesting this addictive entertaining goodie, after wasting, spending a lot of time – burning away the rest of your day – or even to the point where we call ourselves trash for having so much time for anime. Then comes the question, do I like watching anime, or do I enjoy reading them?

So what’s better then? Let’s dissect them to see what are the pros and cons compared against each other.


Manga Or Anime

Manga are Japanese comics – they usually have more content than their anime counterpart. Of course, the reason for this is that it’s easier to draw single panel scenes rather than animating a whole animation.

For avid readers, it’s more fun reading rather than watching. But for those who want more action, moving pictures and intense scenes matched with emotionally moving dialogues, which is better in that case, anime. However, that does not mean manga doesn’t have those. It just matters within your imagination.

Time-wise, manga is faster to intake than anime simply because the voice in your head reads those dialogues faster, and there are no long transitions between each scene.

The big downside is having to wait for a month or even a year per chapter. An example would be Zetman, where it took 22 years to finish the first arc! – which ended at chapter 226 btw.



Anime are Japanese cartoons – they’re beautiful, entertaining, and fun. It’s the next step for a manga or a light novel’s creator, in which their written work receives the silver screen treatment.

Aside from having voices, music, and animation. The main fundamental difference between them is the storyline. In which an anime usually have a shorter storyline compared to its manga counterpart. There are, of course, exceptions, like Naruto – which has tons of filler episodes.

Anime OST’s are excellent! Enhancing the quality of the emotions you experience while you watch your favourite anime.

Watching anime takes about 20 to 25 minutes. The delay between episodes is usually weekly, although it usually takes 2 years before it airs again if it’s between seasons.

Manga Or Anime Comparison

To close this all up, let’s do a direct comparison:



  •  Usually, has a better storyline
  • Having to use less imagination and just enjoy the scenes
  • You can control the pace of the reactions, speech, and actions
  •  It can have a great soundtrack
  • No music or voices
  • New episode every week
  •  Some chapters take a month or even a year
  • You need to allow 20 to 25 minutes per episode
  • For scene transition, reactions, and voices, it all depends on your imagination
  • There are larger factors that can affect it (Voice actors, Studio Producer, etc.)
  • Some people who only read manga when manga has colorful images.
  • There are people who only watch anime when it’s dubbed in their language.

So, is it manga or anime? Both are goods. Which one do you like most comment below?

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